There are no words to describe how important our interconnectedness with the natural world truly is: so I invented one. The word INTENATURE is designed to remind humanity that we are intrinsically linked to the world around us and as such, in order to survive we must get back "IN TO NATURE".

And with so much negativity surrounding climate change, biodiversity loss and the state of the environment, people are fearful for the future and therefore there is a need for a symbol that both encourages and supports proactive, positive action - a symbol that will bolster an individual, group or organization dedicated to promoting environmental, social and economic sustainability to speak openly, initiate debate and show their solidarity for the creation of a better future for ALL life forms - and therefore the goal of the Intenature concept is to create a global movement that encourages solidarity between environmental organizations, businesses, political groups and cultures in order to bring about positive, environmentally inclusive change, right across the planet.

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