Unwind in an eco-friendly environment with an abundance of Tui, Bellbird, Kereru and other native birds.


Our two tiny house accommodation units are located in secluded areas at the center of Earthlore, with easy access to our Food Forest and heritage orchards. Feel free to wander the property or just relax with a glass of wine. Your hosts will be on hand should you have any questions or if wish to book any of our tours. 


If you forget your alarm clock, don't worry.

You don't need it when you get an early morning wake-up call like this


Pekapeka tiny house accommodation


Our tiny houses are setup to ensure your stay is as environmentally friendly as possible. There is a bucket for food scraps in the kitchen which we will either compost or put through our worm farm. There is a recycling bin under the house along with a bucket to tip your tea dregs. We do not use tea bags as they contain plastic which does not break down for a very long time and so we provide a teapot and loose leaf tea to brew your cuppa. There is also herbal tea provided but if you wish to sample other herbal teas, get in touch, as we would be happy to pick whatever plants are available fresh.


If you want to offset some of your carbon footprint you can plant a tree or shrub in our Insect Conservation Habitat (or we can plant it for you). 

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There are four breeding pair of Kereru (native Woodpigeon), six breeding pair of Tui, numerous Bellbird, Kingfisher, Fantail and Grey Warbler living at Earthlore all year round, along with many other exotic species who have made Earthlore home...

view from the window


so you will have a unique and enjoyable base from which to explore The Catlins


Pekapeka tiny house bedroom
Pekapeka tiny house kitchen
Pekapeka tiny house bathroom
Pekapeka tiny house courtyard
Earthlore - a cosy place to stay