A story with the power to save species

A humorous novel with colorful characters, Welcome to Smile is unique in that to be able to read the full story you will be required to sign a contact agreeing to do five hours voluntary work to aid the environment. It is up to you what you do and you will have a year to complete the task so if you want to make a difference... sign up.

The Babbling Brook is dry and can no longer whisper its water wisdom. The future looks grim until a human remembers their way out of the shadows. Changed into a belly dancing L.F. Ant, the human is dropped into the realm of Smile where they team up with Oinkus, a purple pig in polka dot pajamas, who flies about back-ends forwards playing tunes on his pants elastic, and a three legged dog called Dorwg. The trio go in search of THE SOLUTION to help the L.F. Ant with their mission to find a brighter future for Reality. 

But Weasel-Stoat Wally and his dragons have other ideas...



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