Hang an Organic Art painting on your wall and display your commitment to saving the world...

...because to purchase an Organic Art painting you will be required to PAY THE TRUE COST of producing the artwork by performing a set amount of hours working to aid the environment.

planting at the Yellow-eyed Penguin Reserve | Catlins


It is up to you what work you do (so long as it meets the criteria of your contract) and you will have a year to complete it. So what are you waiting for?


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Gordon collecting pine gum to make the paint


Organic Art is produced by suspending pigments such as ground clays, ochre, charcoal, verdigris, gypsum and oyster shell in a vehicle of linseed oil and pine gum. Processed as little as possible I use these crude paints to produce stylized images in order to paint environmentally inspired subjects onto handmade paper.  

Wherever possible the fibers used to produce the paper are locally sourced and pertain to the subject of the painting in some way.

The frames also are made (wherever possible) from reclaimed material such as old fence posts or flotsam that has washed up on the beach.


Chivvy - sold for 50 hours bat data analysis

Each painting is sold with an accompanying Provenance Document containing information regarding the inspiration for the work, what materials were used in the manufacture and a copy of the purchase agreement. Here is an example of the provenance document that accompanies the painting Chivvy, with the purchaser having agreed to undertake 50 hours doing data analysis for the Catlins Bat Project in order to take possession.




       Title: DUNE SPRITE - price 50 hours environmental work



The objective of Organic Art is to highlight the need for humanity to pay the true cost of removing resources from their natural habitat. Under the capitalist system a purchaser is required to pay a fair and equitable price for a product or service but does not have to account for the impact their taking of natural resources will have on the wellbeing of other life forms or the damage it may do to the environment. Earthlore’s ORGANIC ART - ECO ACTION is designed to counter this mind set by having you sign a contract agreeing to undertake a set amount of hours working to benefit the environment in order to purchase my artwork – preferably in order to replenish the resources taken.


                          Here is an example of a Purchase Agreement


Title: Penguin

Hand colored screen print

Price - 10 hours enviro-work

Title: Sprite

Hand colored screen print

Price - 10 hours enviro-work

Title: Albatross

Hand colored screen print

Price - 10 hours enviro-work

Title: Kiwi

Hand colored screen print

Price - 10 hours enviro-work



Title: Central Otago

Paper: South Island Tussock

Pigments: Central Otago clays

Price - 30 hours enviro-work

Title: Harmony

Frame: old fence posts

Backing board: 5 ply washed up on beach

Pigments: green - verdigris, terracotta, broken plant pot

Price - 35 hours enviro-work 

Title: Tree-cycle

Paper: Jute

Pigments: ground clays, verdigris and charcoal

Price 40 hours enviro-work











Title: Intenature

Paper: recycled brown paper and marram grass

Pigments: ground clays and charcoal

Price 50 hours enviro-work